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The RCFW Hellcat kit and accessories are currently unavailable for purchase due to limited sales and ever-increasing materials costs. The resulting profit margin is simply not significant enough to allow production to be economically feasible. Rather than increase the cost beyond what an already limited market is willing to bear I have decided to suspend production until such a time that I can find suitable means to decrease my costs for production and materials. It is my hope that this web site will still serve as a valuable resource for those wishing to build scale models in general, and warbirds in particular. Sorry for any inconvenience.

For those that have purchased kits it is still my intention to honor the promise of providing the remaining scale details necessary to complete the Hellcat. These include the partial and full cockpit kits, wheel hubs, vinyl surface details, paint stencils, tail wheel dress up kit, and any other items developed during construction of the prototype that may be of interest. Please keep an eye on the RCFW Hellcat Group Build or contact me directly at for information regarding the cost and availability of these items. I will also work dilligently to complete the construction galleries portion of the site in as timely a fashion as I possibly can. If you are building the Hellcat and reach a point in the construction that I have not yet covered please do not hesitate to contact me. I have many, many photos taken during construction that I will be happy to provide as well as any other assistance I can render.

Chad Veich