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Below are links to some helpfull sites I have come across during the course of my Hellcat research.

Walkaround pictorial of a nicely restored F6F-5 at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

Three pages of walkaround photos of The Fighter Collection's restored F6F-5 based at Duxford in England.

Some nice, large format detail pics of various restored Hellcats.

Seven pages of really nice detail photos by Vladimir Yakubov of the Commemorative Air Force's F6F-5K Hellcat. (Added on 04-15-2011)

Reference books for the Hellcat modeler.

The "In Action" series from squadron Signal provide good value for the money. Not the best source of detail info but not bad. The first volume shown below is probably no longer in print but can be found at various on line sellers and on ebay.



The "Detail & Scale" series, also from squadron Signal, are probably comparable to the "In Action" series for value. However, they are targeted directly at the modeler and provide more in the way of detail photos while offering less historical information. I will admit to not actually owning this particular book, however, but only having flipped through it.


I have found the "Walkaround" series, again from Squadron Signal, to be somewhat better than the "Detail & Scale" series mainly due to better photography and more color photos.


Although the most expensive of the books recommended here, the Aero Detail series are far and away the nicest reference type books I have come across. These books offer the absolute best for detail photos and drawings.


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