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Thank your for your interest in the RCFW Hellcat! If you would like to order please send an email to and I will reply to your email with a complete price list and order form with instructions.

The RCFW Hellcat Short-Kit - $175.00 + shipping

If you would like to wait for the fiberglass cowl the short-kit can be ordered for $160.00 + shipping without the vacuum formed cowl. Final pricing for the glass cowl has yet to be determined but will probably be in the range of $40-45 + shipping. Unfortunately the one piece fiberglass cowl will not fit in the standard kit box so the additional shipping charges cannot be avoided.

The laser cut short-kit for the Hellcat includes all of the following:

Alternatively, the kit can be purchased in component form.

- Prices do NOT include shipping. Please note that the plans do not include the necessary templates required to scratch build the Hellcat. Due to the complex nature of some of the parts it would be very difficult to hand cut them accurately.

Available Optional Accessories

Accessories Under Development

Components Needed to Complete the Hellcat

Wood List

Balsa Sheets

Balsa Sticks

Balsa Blocks

The items below are not included with the wood order as they are only needed in very small quantities. You may already have them on hand or can probably source them at you local hardware store or hobby shop.


- All items listed below can be purchased with your kit at a discounted price thanks to Ray & Robin's Hobby Center. The entire package, with the exception of the fixed tailwheel strut, can be ordered with your kit for an additional $31.00. If you wish to purchase only select items a price list is available upon request. Please send your request to and I will reply with the price list attached.

- The items below are not available from Ray & Robin's and will need to be sourced by the builder.

Main Gear Retract Options

- Both the Robart and Sierra air systems listed below come with large air tanks which will NOT fit within the confines of the Hellcat's belly pan. If you plan to install the air system per the RCFW prototype you will need two small air tanks such as the Robart #180 or Sierra #AT-S in lieu of the single large tank provided with these air systems.

Available Engine Options

Also Available

The above lists do NOT include covering and finishing materials which are left to the discretion of the builder. If you would like to finish your Hellcat with fiberglass cloth and resin that process is covered in the glassing section of the construction gallery.